Home of the 1932 Fords

1932 5-window coupe.  They were all standard cars.  A little over 50,000 of them were produced.  Over 30,000 had V-8 engines.  Almost all the models had more V-8's produced than the 4-cylinder.  My car is a 4-cylinder.  This was my 2nd '32 that I bought in starting my collection.  I paid quite a bit for it at that time, but now it seems quite cheap.  The car's nickname is Auntie.  The original owner was an old maid school teacher in South Dakota. She lived a mile out of town and in the winter time she put the car on blocks.   It is said she never drove over 40 mph or 20 miles from home.  Her nephew inherited the car and named it Auntie.   The car has original interior but the body was repainted about 30 years ago.  I have since changed the color of the wheels to black with original Firestone tires.  The interesting thing is that the car has an original windshield, it also had a sticker dated 1945 instead of a metal license because of the war. 

Our latest project at Deuceheaven is a '32 Ford roadster original body.  Cass Nawrocki did the major body work and also the aluminum panels for the interior.  Dave Robideau painted the car.  Mark Limanen of Thread Baron did the distressed leather inserts and seats.  Original '32 frame with Model A cross members.  Original '32 front end with drilled and dropped axel.  Halibrand Quick Change, '39 gear box with Zephyr gears, and a late '40s  truck block with 4-in. crank , Isky cam, ported and relieved, Smith heads and Eddie Meyer intake and distributor.  Notice the Stewart Warner instruments, Kinmont brakes, and Chicago Streamlite wheels.  I don't know when these wheels were made, but I guess they were made for trailers. They are aluminum, have the Ford bolt pattern, and use Ford hubcaps, which will be 1942.  We narrowed the front ones down so the smaller tires would look better on them.  I have tried to build this car like all my other hot rods with pre-1948 parts and original Ford reworked parts.  I don't like 1-800 number cars and parts.  It must be my age.