Home of the 1932 Fords



Low-mileage 3-window coupe. Brewster Green Light. This is a 19,000 miles car. The car has original interior in it-Bedford Cord. Note the original tire cover with the dealer name stamped on the back of it. I wonder if the dealer is still around? The carpet has been replaced. The car has also been repainted. I still need to put the correct engine in it, probably this summer. I just bought this from my friend Bob Everts from AZ. He has sold me a number of low-mileage cars, and we have also traded both low-mileage and hot rods. He gets them and then teases me with them for a while.

 Original 1932 standard 2-door. Another car from Bob Everts. Tracing the history of the car, Dave Rehor purchased the car from the original owner quite some time ago. He then sold it to Mr. Secrest then Bob Everts bought it and sold it to me. It has 50,000 miles on it and is in extremely good condition for the miles. The original owner detailed in the door jamb all the maintenance he did for the car. When he drove the car he usually cleaned the undercarriage. Standard cars had the parking lights in the head lights. Standard cars also had only safety glass in the windshield, and plate glass in the side and rear. A rubber floor mat is used instead of carpeting like all deluxe cars were. Standard cars also had the lower grade of mohair upholstery.

1932 Ford Roadster. This is the first '32 I restored myself. Dave Robideau painted it for me: in my opinion he is the best painter in MN. Ed Limanen upholstered the car and the top. He was the best upholsterer in MN before he retired. Tommy Adelmann did the engine, but he has now passed away. I was able to find many NOS parts for this car including an NOS front floor mat. It also has special leather hides and pyroxylin cloth done by Roy Nacewicz. This was an 8-year restoration for me. I finished it in 1988 and received my first Dearborn Award from the Early Ford V-8 Club.  This car was originally an old Californian hot rod.  Inside the doors were stuffed with 1953 Los Angeles Times newspapers.  I guess they did this to make the doors sound more solid in the old days.   

Original 12,000 mile 4-door. Another car from Bob Everts. Note the original interior, paint, wheels, and Firestone tires. The tires are a little weak but still rolling. The tires are the original teepee design: 5.25 by 18. The Firestone logo was still painted on the tires on both sides. I replaced the carpeting in the car as it was worn and stained, and it had a reproduction front rubber floor mat.  Cars like this are only original once. I feel they'll probably be worth more than restored cars as time goes on.