Home of the 1932 Fords

V-8 Station Wagon and our guard dog Minnie. Ford only made 1,052 4-cylinder models and 331 V-8 models. This is quite a rare model, especially being a V-8. I purchased this car from the Nick Alexander collection. Prior to that a friend of mine had it and he pulled it out of a 30-40 year rest from the second owner. The car was going to be scrapped out before he got wind of it. It only has 52,000 miles on it and has all the original wood, except a couple of pieces on the tailgate. A company named Baker-Raulang made the wood body for Ford in 1932. The color is Emperor Brown Light.

The V-8 model was made late in the year and usually the late cars have a reinforced frame and a beefier rear end that carried over to the '33 and '34 models. I have pictures of the car when it was pulled out of the garage it had been sitting in. It was a very nice car with the original engine intact.

1932 Roadster Pickup. Probably the lowest production model Ford built in 1932. Ford built roughly 600 open cab truck bodies in 1932 of which less than 300 were pickups. This is the rarest model I own. This is a 4-cylinder model as were all commercial bodied vehicles except the woody.

Ford possibly built a few V-8 commercial vehicles but nobody is quite sure of the quantity. All commercial bodies had a truck grill except the woody. For approximately five dollars more one could get a car grill. These commercial vehicles used passenger class frames, running gear, running boards, fenders, and bumpers.

1932 Chopped 3 window hot rod.
This car was a fulfillment of a dream I have had since I saw one in a Rod and Custom magazine in '54, when I was 15 years old. It has a 2.5 inch chop top with a front window post slanted back. It has a '48 Mercury engine with a four inch crank, Isky cam, and is bored 276 cubic inches with an Eddie Meyer intake and heads. Note the Eddie Meyer air cleaner: I made 20 of these some time ago and they are all sold. Also, it has a 1939 Ford gear box with Zephyr gears. The rear end is a late '32 adapted to '36 housing with a Columbia rear end. The interior is distressed brown leather. The garnish moldings and dash are original type grain. The instruments are Stewart-Warner with engine turned dash faces. The wheels are '40 Ford as are the brakes. The front and rear ends have been dropped. Paint is black. I've tried to build this car with all pre-1948 parts for the period of what this car represents. This car was also done by Mike McKennett.
This is my '32 Deluxe Roadster sitting with its original open car cousins. The pictures below show different angles of the cars. The other cars are my original Phaeton described earlier, and my original Cabriolet also described earlier. This '32 Deluxe Roadster has 19,000 miles on it. The only thing that is not original are the tires. The car is Medium Maroon in color with black body moldings and fenders. The finish of the wheels are original, which is Aurora Red. The car has the original leather interior and original top. The side curtains have hardly been used. It is a V-8 model. I hope that these original cars can be preserved as they are.

1932 Ford Pickup.  I believe this to be a fairly low mileage truck, but I'm not sure.  Orginally purchased it from a fellow in Detriot.  All '32 Ford pickups had 4-cylinder model B engines in them.  But this one has a '49-'53 V8 flathead in it.  Finally got it running good.  The running gear and hydraulic brakes someone put on it but not that good of a job when I bought it.  Has flathead speed equipment on it.  From high compression heads to dual carb intake and Mallory ignition.  Truck also has a dropped axle and big and little Kelsey Hayes 16-inch wheels painted Tacoma Cream.