Home of the 1932 Fords

1932 Deluxe 3-window Coupe Model  B-520.  Approximately 22,000 of these were built.  Roughly 1,000 only had a 4-cylinder Model B engine.  All the rest were V-8.  This car is black with apple green wheels.  Dave Robideau also painted this car.  This has been over a 20-year project for me because of all my other projects.  The car is now at Paul Reichlin's place at Cedardale Upholstery in Mount Vernon, Washington.  He has done a number of cars for me.  I feel he is probabaly the best in the country now, whether it is hot rods or originals.  The upholstery will be mohair with brown imitation leather in the rumble seat.  For me this is probably the favorite model of the 1932's.  It has new old stock, Firestone tires, and original engine with all the correct accessories.   Notice the correct wheel cover.  I think they made at least 5 different styles in 1932.  But there may be more.  The car also has a Grigsby-Grunow radio.  My B-400 has it too.  It is a very complicated piece.   This is also my last 1932 restoration I will do on my own.  Pictures were taken winter of 2014-15 before sending the car to Cedardale.  I'm still looking for a sport coupe and an unusual BB truck.  Do you know of any? 


1932 Sedan Delivery Model B-410. Approximately 400 of these were manufactured late in the year. Ford was not going to make any of these in 1932 but one of his best customers wanted 300 and if Ford didn't have them they were going to Chevrolet. Ford decided to make them; they were sold for $520 each. Standard was a welled fender and a 4 cylinder B engine. A V-8 was optional for $50. These bodies were converted from the tudor sedans at the LeBarron company in Detroit. Their parent company was Briggs Mfg. Co. Cost of the conversion was $90. There also seemed to be variances in all aspects of the conversion. The two rear windows were blocked off with a piece of tin and they had particle board interior. My car is a rework tudor by Mike McKennetts. Note the rear bumper, it was curved in to gain better access to the back door. It had a small tool compartment in back of the passenger seat and the door and frame were reinforced with wood. This car also has NOS B.F. Goodrich tires.